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Strategy Sphere

Mar 16, 2021

As Chief Joy Officer of Joyful Planet, Patrice Tanaka helps both individuals and organizations define and leverage their purposes. Learn how purpose-driven organizations are outperforming their competition, and hear how Tanaka’s decision to take a ballroom dance class changed her life. She also recounts how she took hold of her own PR firm from the ranks of an ad agency and how the firm was later named one of the most creative PR shops in the country. Tanaka has helped unleash greater fulfillment and joy for clients throughout the world, and believes her purpose in life is to help others find their own purpose and joy.


Hosts: Lavinia Calvert & Deborah Farone
Co-Producer: Katelin Zweifel-Korzuchin & Brit Nowacki 
Audio Engineer: Nikki Rasmussen
Editor: Jessica Penfield